How you can avoid my mistakes

And boy do I make a lot of them. Or so it seems.

I hope by sharing with you, these posts will stand as a reminder to myself, not to repeat the same mistakes over again.big mistakes

Why? Because mistakes are costly.

Mistakes cost when you have to do something over and over, not just in time but often in money too.

How you can avoid my mistakes…

  • Use the right software for the right job.

I tried to use “workaround” software but that only make the job harder and take longer. You know what I mean like using a shoe to hang a picture instead of hunting down that long-lost hammer in the garage.

  • A little investment is worth your time and sanity.

No one software does everything. Pick the one that works best for each task.

Listed at the bottom are some of the ones I discovered and love.

  • Don’t go with the hype.

Adobe Acrobat has been the go to forever. Gag. I bought Adobe Acrobat and went almost batshit crazy trying to get it to work like I wanted. Canceled my purchase, did more research, and bought Nitro10. Happy days!

  • Some free things are good.

Again with Adobe, people have sworn by Adobe Photoshop for years, forget about it. I have discovered a program that is cheaper and easier, in my opinion, to use called Sumo Paint.

Paint Net is a great program for sizing the DPI of your pictures and drawings. It’s free and super easy to use. is great for making a book cover. Although you may still have to change the DPI after it’s finished.

Do you have a software that has made publishing easier?

A favorite software you can’t live without?

Do tell…

Talk to me, the lights on and comments are now open.

Keep reading I’ve listed links to my favorite software must haves at the bottom of the page!

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Nitro Pro PDF Software for You

Nitro Pro has a monthly plan or yearly for $159. Worth every penny. Very user-friendly. And it offers a free trial periodInterfaces well with Word documents so if you can use Word you can use Nitro. 

Serif PagePlus X8 desktop publisher

I love this for formatting a picture book. My editor suggested I give the program a look and I’m so glad I did. Inserting and moving pictures around is so easy even I can do it. After done just publish to PDF and voila! Ready to submit to IngramSpark. There are later versions X9 and X10, but I bought X8 on sale for $39.99. I love a sale. Reg price is $119.

Sumo Paint Photoshopping in your browser

You can use this program online for FREE or upgrade to Sumo Paint Pro for $4.00 a month. This is an amazing photoshop program for almost nothing.  It’s easy to learn and there are several videos on YouTube to help.

Paint.NET a free image and photo editing software


24 thoughts on “How you can avoid my mistakes

  1. I downloaded GIMP because it was free and found it fairly usable, but I’m intrigued by your review of Paintnet. I don’t do picture books, so I’m mostly looking for editing tools for photos on my blogs and on Twitter or Facebook. I’m currently running a series on my blog Just Can’t Help Writing describing my experience using InDesign to format my POD books. I hope to get my first copy from Ingram this week so I’ll be able to see how well I did (the proofs looked great!). My next project is to compare formatting using just Word. I admit these efforts are meant largely to satisfy my curiosity. I love finding I can do things that looked difficult or that I was told I couldn’t do! I do end up with a lot of different tools for different tasks. I hope to use Canva more in the future. Thanks for a great list!

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    1. As I mentioned is great for adjusting the DPI, I haven’t used InDesign, I’ll have to check it out, thanks for the tip. Good luck with your book. Let me know how it turns out.


  2. I’ve been using one of the older versions of PaintShop Pro for a long time. I tried Gimp and hated it.. I tried Photoshop and wasn’t impressed. I’ll try and see how it does. Canva is something I’ve been lazily looking for because I might have to go Indie with my project. Thanks for the link.

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