Are you fearless as a writer?

Or are you timid, lady-like and reserved?

Wish I could say that I’m fearless especially when it comes to my writing and to submitting to editors.

But, I’m not. Like many women, I struggle against my upbringing.

“Don’t be pushy, don’t be loud, don’t assume, remember your place, wait your turn….”

Well, that doesn’t work if you want to succeed as a writer.

Did you turn around a send off another piece to that editor who rejected your story or did you sit and sulk? After all, they were just being nice with that note saying they liked it but it just didn’t meet their needs at the time. Right?



And, now I’m kicking myself for being such a wimp after reading this article by Kelli Russell Agodon, who worked as a Co-Editor-in-Chief for six years. Apparently, when an editor takes the time to write a note on your rejection letter, they mean it. (Her article link is at the bottom.)

Women writers, unlike men, often wait much longer before sending additional stories to the publication after receiving a rejection. Men write something new and send it off right away.

Geesh, sometimes I’m such a dunce.

What about you?

Have you ever dismissed a note on a rejection letter?

Did you think the editor was just being nice?

Or did you do a quick turn around and send in another piece?

Talk to me, the lights on and comments are now open.

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Want to know what a real editor has to say? Click and read:

Submit Like A Man: How Women Writers Can Become More Successful


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