How to find the right theme

What do you want your reader to get from your story?

What is your theme?

Do you know the idea, insight or lesson that you want to convey?

Is your theme universal? Will it work for a different story?

Can the them apply to me, you or anyone?

Theme is a message, a proverb, and is all inclusive.

Will one of these proverbs fit the story you’re writing?

The 50 most important English proverbs.

The subject of your book might be love, friendship, wisdom, or hate, but you still need a universal theme that expresses the subject.

Check out this list of proverbs by subject.

Not enough? How about 101 English proverbs?

Maybe you’re wondering why I’m talking about all these various themes. Well, I’ve been reading a great book on story plot and apparently theme is important to the plot.

Plot Perfect by Paula Munier

Ms. Munier gives step by step charts and explanation on how to find your universal theme.

I highly recommend her book to help you develop richer characters as well as a deep plot connected with subplots.

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