Where and how to find new ideas

Writer’s block?

Nope, just out of gas. Or out of ideas.

Where a writer finds their ideas is different for every writer. And there are times when we feel plum empty.


If that’s the case, maybe it’s time to stop, look around, listen and daydream a bit. Then start asking lots and lots of questions.

A while back I touched on the subject of questions, but I’m beginning to understand, asking questions is more important than I first realized.

Not just for the sake of a story, but for ideas too.

Neil Gaiman wrote that he makes up ideas as he daydreams, and when he’s bored. He then begins to ask questions, adding to the “What if…”, “I wonder….”

Angie Sage wrote for The Guardian that she didn’t believe in writer’s block. She explains that running out of ideas may mean your story is just stuck.

What advice does Ms. Sage offer for a stuck story?

She gives us examples of how to jump-start and get back on track.

 gives us 6 ways to Find Great Writing Ideas 


3 thoughts on “Where and how to find new ideas

  1. True, I have never believed in Writers’ block either. I am not very experienced in these matters but I think sometimes it is a good thing to be away from writing and then revisit it later to form a better perspective. To see the larger picture, in other words. Often we get so involved in the “micro” of our writing that we fail to see the “macro” and that is our worst failing. Sometimes that separation, that distance from our own writing helps us rejuvenate our thoughts and ideas and creative sense. Sometimes it might end in disaster when we give up on all that we have written earlier as false or trivial or not-mature-enough. However, that distance also gives us the wisdom and the detached cynicism that we may face later from true critics. There is no writers’ block, just an inability to think things through, is what I think. Thanks for the post 🙂

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