Is it an error or a tale?

What’s the difference between telling and POV-error?

Ever read a book and felt like the author had you head-hopping? Before long keeping up with who’s doing what gives me a headache.


Now I understand why. Maybe hoping from one POV to another isn’t the problem with the story, maybe the book has a few POV-errors.

Marcy Kennedy posted a terrific explanation on Kristen Lamb’s Blog.

I have to be honest, this is something I didn’t understand. That is until reading this post.

When we make POV errors? It shatters the fictive dream. That is why getting really good at POV is vital. We must maintain the magic. Here’s the secret that a lot of writers don’t realize about POV.

Source: The Secret Ingredient for POV Magic—Capture Your Reader & Never Let Go

I hope you’ll read this and have an ah-ha moment too.

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