Got a book? Make a sale…

I can’t believe the holidays are almost upon us.

Nuts! Right?

Each year the decorations seem to mushroom in store aisles earlier and earlier.

I don’t know about you, but Christmas trees among the Halloween pumpkins make me hyperventilate.

Mentally, I begin screaming… Not yet! Not ready!

Just something I do every year. Sigh…

But ready or not Christmas is coming.

Pixabay image
Pixabay image

So why not use the early shopping days as an opportunity to sell your books.

One Simple Way to Boost Sales of Your Self-Published Book This Christmas by

A fun, new take on book promotion and sales.

Whether you choose a Pub, local TGIF, BBQ joint or Tea Room, this is a unique way to promote.

Call, text or email your writing buddies and see if this might work for you.



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