Are rules meant to be broken?


Writers are artists, and should always use artistic license to stay true to the medium.

I’ve said many times, the purpose of this blog is to share as I learn. Not teach. I’m not a teacher by any stretch of the imagination. Nor am I an expert in any field.

Well, except one, making mistakes. Some days I swear I make more mistakes than anyone on earth. But I keep on trucking and try to avoid repeating them too often.

One thing I’ve learned, as in life there are few absolutes in writing.

All rules can be bent to the point of breaking, or hell some rules can be thrown out as long as the writer is true to the story.

That’s why I try to share “Tips.”

Tips that I find useful, and informative, but not restrictive.

That is my intent, to learn how to become a better writer, as I blog and to encourage my readers.

There are many ways to get a job done. Use what works for you.

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Whether you write by the seat of your pants or plot every jot and tiddle it doesn’t matter. In longhand, or shorthand, using Scrivener or MS Word, Mind Mapping or plotting, Evernote or Post-it notes, laptop or typewriter, the writing is what’s important – not the tools.

There’d be less dancing in the world if everyone played the same tune. So turn up the music and lets write. Write your way!

Leave a comment and tell me what you think. Together we can learn the best writing tips, and join me @jeancogdell on Twitter and jean.cogdell on Facebook!

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11 thoughts on “Are rules meant to be broken?

  1. Thanks for these words of encouragement. As I travel along my journey from aspiring author to published author, I have one rule: ignore and/or break as many as possible ☺. I am focused on finding out what works best for me.

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