Do you like to talk?

Well, now you can talk your book, short story or blog into existence.

Doing a happy dance!

I’ve discovered Google Voice!

Okay, maybe I’m a little late to the dance, no teasing out there, but I think this is so cool. Now I can talk to my computer and watch as it types on my screen.

Plus it’s FREE!

I love free stuff!

I’ve never been very good at dictation, even in the olden days of hand-held dictaphone. But this is one more tool in my ever-growing writing arsenal.

As a person who deals with chronic pain, there are days when typing is just not possible. But, I can always talk. LOL

So I plan on learning to use this program more effectively.

Check out Google Docs Voice and see if it’s something you might want to add to your writing tool box.

Do you use a voice command program to dictate your writing? If so, which one?

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Thank you!
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8 thoughts on “Do you like to talk?

  1. I use Dragon at work to dictate. I love it. It saves me so much time not having to sit there and type out all my notes. I try to talk super fast to see if can keep up with me and it does. I have considered using it to write my book. How easy would be to dream up stuff and just talk and watch the letters fly onto the page?

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