Do you know your key words?

If not, time to discover which key words will work best for your book.

Still plodding along, I’m not sure when or if this book will ever see the light of day at Amazon. Sigh.

But still I type, I read, I learn and who knows one day maybe, just maybe.

So with that far off hope in mind, I collect useful information.

Such as, using the correct Key Words on Amazon. And knowing the difference between categories and Key Words.

If someone searches Amazon make sure your book is keyed properly so they can find it.


People use Amazon six to seven times more often than Google.

To be honest I’d never really thought much about key words and books. But after reading

How to Choose the Best Keywords When Publishing Fiction on Amazon by

I realize this is something I need to add to my to do list. Whenever I do finish my manuscript, I need to know which key words will help readers find my book.

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