Writers – Mistakes to Avoid

Are you close?

Are you ready?

Ryan Lanz gives some very common sense reminders before you hit that send button.

I’m just about ready to start the process on my children’s book. (If I can resist tweeking it for the another zillion times.)

Now if I can just find that perfect Agent! 

Or Do I self-publish?

Decisions, decisions.

What do you think? Any suggestions? 

Thanks for the tips Ryan!

 What Not To Do When Sending Off Your Manuscript.

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2 thoughts on “Writers – Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Jean, there is another option. I went straight to a publisher without an agent. You can certainly self-publish or get an agent, but why not try some of the publishers directly? I found my publisher because I read a novel by Cheryl Kaye Tardif and thought, I write like her. I wonder who her publisher is? Funny enough Cheryl is the CEO of Imajin Books. I waited until Imajin opened for submissions and submitted within minutes. Then, with a little bit of luck, I was in the door.

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