What story mistakes are you making?

Understanding what an editor looks for is paramount.

Anne Leigh Parrish a fiction editor for Eclectica Magazine wrote an eye-opening post on how to avoid the same mistakes over and over. She also writes what she looks for in a story.

“… a story itself is a narrative where there must be a change in the reader’s understanding of the events, or in the protagonist’s understanding. You leave a story seeing something you didn’t see at the outset, something that makes sense of what’s come before….”

Mistakes to avoid in Short Story Writing

I hope her article helps you write your best story yet!

Happy writing.
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6 thoughts on “What story mistakes are you making?

  1. This makes sense. Not all writing pieces should say what the reader expects. It is good to shake things up and possibly present a different perspective. Thanks for sharing Anne Leigh Parrish with us. I need to take time to read more of her.

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