Do you need another solution?

Do you need another solution to pretty up your website?

Need another alternative for graphics and images?

Karen Cioffi posted on Writers on the Move a great tip.

This is a great and easy solution for Word users.

I don’t know about y’all but I spend way to much time searching for graphics/images.
One website I use is However, sometimes I find it limited. So I Google, search and check to see if an image is free to use and then give up. LOL

Using MSWord gives me another tool!  MS Word image button

Thanks to Writers on The Move for the tip!

Do you have a favorite website or program you use for images?

Pass this on to your Facebook and Twitter pals and let me know if you have a favorite website or program you use for images and artwork.

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5 thoughts on “Do you need another solution?

  1. I’ve been using my own photos on my blog too. It means I never have to worry about copyright! I’m lucky that I’ve just come back from a trip to the Baltic capitals, and some of the photos have already generated short story ideas and/or wil be useful to crop and provide ideas for blog posts.


  2. Many times I give up searching for just the ‘right’ image on-line, and use my own photos. This in turn encourages me to look at almost anything with the eye of a photographer, taking photos for the future, just in case I can use a picture of, say, a blue bench in a green park, for instance. 🙂

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