Do your readers know you?

How does your bio read?

Does your about page tell readers who you are? What they can expect?
Every publication  has different rules. But all want to know who you are. Some require a 50 word bio, others want more information, some want it written in 3rd person. Keeping track of what to tell who can be daunting.
So to help, I made Word document with several different bios. Makes it easier to copy and past the right information required by different publications.
The “about me” page gives bloggers more room to be creative and is the first page I read.
Author – Anna Dobritt posted a great article on writing a good bio. Check out her tips and suggestions. Let me know what you think. Click here Author Bios  to read.

Click here to read other author bios, or just Google

I’d love to read some of your bios, so put a link below in the comment section. Let’s get to know each other better.
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3 thoughts on “Do your readers know you?

  1. It’s funny but I used to write bios for my recording artists without any problem. Doing one for myself was a real headache. Putting another hat on and thinking in a completely different manner gave me brain ache. I managed it in the end, but it’s a good job I wasn’t writing it on paper; half of Epping Forest would have gone by now. 🙂

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