Have you found your unique voice?

Whose voice shows up when you write?

In a wonderful essay, Finding My Writer’s Voice, Olive Balla shared at SouthWest Writers her personal struggle with finding her writers voice.

Sometimes I can feel when my writer’s voice struggles to find her footing and life on the page. Other times she shows up and dances freely, tossing verbs and adjectives about like confetti at a ticker-tape parade.

If I don’t write every day, my writer’s voice sulks. She sulks, pouts, and plays hide-in-seek, until I lure her from the secret places of my mind.  Ms. Balla is right. Free writing does help to lure my writer voice forward.

Have you found your inner, writer’s voice?

How did you find your special writing style or voice?

I’d love to hear your experiences. Share in the comments section any tips that might help me or other writers to tame our fickle unique writing voice.

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7 thoughts on “Have you found your unique voice?

  1. Jean, I am almost certain Oscar Wilde has spoken, inimitably–of course, on the subject, but if not, and this is in full awareness that he has a burdensome schedule in writer’s paradise (or tenebrous hell, as the case may be), I think he might have said: A unique voice is simply the name we give our mistakes.

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