Is your website easy to read on a mobile device?

Is your blog mobile ready?

Whether, a book review, cooking, breaking news, mommy & me, or cute kitties blog, you need to make sure it passes the mobile ready test.

Shocker! I just found out mine wasn’t. Guess what I’m doing later today?

Mobile use has skyrocketed over the past years. People are on the go and using their smart phones to connect. Make sure they can read your blog in the doctors waiting room, the hairdressers chair or pool side catching a few rays.

How do you find out if your blog is mobile readable?

Google has a Mobile-Friendly Test page. Here you can put in your website and Google will let you know if your blog is mobile ready.

Follow the steps and get smart phone ready so people on the go can keep up with you and your blog.

Want to know how many people read your blog on their smart phones?

Go to Google Analytics click on the “Audience” section. Then select “Mobile > Overview.” Here you should find information on the amount of traffic your blog receives from a mobile device. 

Whew! That’s done!

Can you read it now?

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6 thoughts on “Is your website easy to read on a mobile device?

  1. The bane of my weekend was rejigging my site. One of the main factors was that it was readable on a mobile phone or a tablet. I think the hard work paid off, but I had an html-induced migraine by Sunday evening.

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