Don’t Read Unless You Want to Know

You heard right, sometimes the answers smart a bit.

Want some good ole common sense, take no prisoners, tell it like it is advice?

Wow 3 clichés in one sentence. That’s a record for me.

Okay back to the advice.

Chuck Wendig, over at Terrible Minds, has the answers to your most burning questions.

As a successful writer and blogger, it appears as though Chuck has heard them all and now he is ready to share.


Don’t expect any hand holding or sweet-talking, no not from Chuck. But do expect a swift kick in the pants if you need to jump-start your writing.

Numbers 4, 6, 11, and 14 are my favorites.

Now where do I start with my letters of apology?

writing5Dear (insert name), Sorry for bugging you to read, edit, pump me up… .

Damn that’s gonna take too long. Just better take Chuck’s advice and get back to writing.


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13 thoughts on “Don’t Read Unless You Want to Know

  1. A fun read. Though I do credit the sweet English professor who read a chapter of my book in very rough shape with helping me actually get published. His comment not only gave me confidence, he got me involved with the conference he ran and thus indirectly got me the agents who sold the book. But he was a very generous soul who loved students. Getting someone to read for you is incredibly hard; I’m grateful to everyone who’s given me that much of their time. (Why I treasure my writing group!)

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    1. How wonderful to have a professor who recognized your talent and helped it bloom. I too think it’s important to remember and tell our readers a great big “thank you” for their time and encouragement. I love hearing from writers like you. Thanks so much for your comments.


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