A Writing Prompt Jump Start

Time for a writing prompt to shake out the cobwebs.

Sometimes all it takes to jump-start writing again is a good prompt.

Thanks to Lillie McFerrin Writes for today’s prompt : DIVERSIONS

No Time 

Charlie stared, shocked at what she saw through the rain streaked window.

Trees uprooted, tossed as if toys were strewn across once majestic lawns, and trash cans floated past her driveway down a river that was once Oak Drive.

She jumped, and grabbed the screaming, flashing cell phone, another weather alert.

Distracted by the sight outside, for a second, she’d forgotten the danger.

She uttered a silent prayer, God, stop this infernal rain, as she headed for the attic.

Hope you enjoyed my 5 sentences inspiration.

And for those who remember this era, sit back and smile.

And I wonder, yes I wonder, who’ll stop the rain…

If you’d like to play along do check out Five Sentence Fiction and take the challenge.

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