To Do List For Writers

What is the best way to publish your book?

This past week I discovered more information than I know what to do with.

overwhelmedSo hold on to your hat, all my writer friends. There is a lot to learn about sending your baby to market.

Let’s start with Aggregators and Distributors.

Carla King, over at Bowker, did a great job in explaining the difference between aggregators and distributors but most important she explains why we need to know that difference.

Book aggregators and distributors: A short primer by Carla King

Ms. King gives her recommendation based on what your goals as a writer might be.

I’m making a short cut on my desk top for her post. She covers every thing from formatting, publishing and distributing. This is a gold mine for writers.

Click on her link to read what is the best way to publish your book. Yes there is also a lot of advertising too but don’t let that dissuade you from picking up the nuggets to help you reach your writing goals.

Also, do you want additional info on getting an ISBN? 

EAN-13 bar code of ISBN-13 in compliance with ...Then Rachael Ritchey can answer just about every question you can think of regarding an ISBN for your book.

Do you need an ISBN for ebook, paperback, hardback or audio?

Find the answers, get the skinny on buying an ISBN at:

 Questions People Ask: ISBNs 

Now I need to go lay down, I’m exhausted.
Dog Sleeping in her Notebook after Studying
Dog Sleeping in her Notebook after Studying

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