Use Lust to add dimension to a story.

L = lust

Something for writers to think about when plotting a story.

Showing lust doesn’t always mean an intense sexual scene. Although, I love a good steamy book as much as anyone but I’m talking about using lust in a story to bring it alive.

Writers who show lust add a different dimension to their story.

Without it the story or character can fall flat become apathetic or indifferent. So will the reader. Writing filled with lust  will keep the readers turning the page.

 Rachel hated waiting, but for now all she could do was wait for Mac’s call. She paced the floor, teed off at some unknown hacker. Red hair had little to do with her outrage. How dare someone expect her to pay a ransom to unlock her own files.

She lunged for the ringing phone.

“Finally.” She snapped.

“Took some doing, but I think I’ve found him.” Mac said.

“You think? I need you to know.” Rachel loosened her grip on the phone and took a deep breath.

Lust as a verb

  • have a craving, appetite, or great desire for;
  • yearn, hunger, long or ache for, desire, hanker after,
  • enthusiasm, eagerness <admired his lust for life>
  • an intense longing :  craving <a lust to succeed>

Lust wordle



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