Never Stop Dreaming

My love affair with books began long before I could read. Sitting silent, spellbound listening to her enchanting voice I believed every word true, the characters real. Saturday Morning Storytime at the town library was magical. I rushed to the quiet mat, found my seat on the front row and stared transfixed at the beautiful volunteer.

My favorite fairytale then, and now at sixteen holds a special place in my heart, Cinderella. Most girls love Prince Charming because he rides in to save the day on his trusty steed. Or their favorite part is where Cinderella outshines her ugly step sisters at the ball. Not me.


The faeries and magic, I love the idea such power can transform our lives. Who wouldn’t want a Fairy Godmother and animal friends scampering about to alter the course of your future?

Year after year sitting on that storytime mat, I listened to each magical fairytale and dreamed of a little Fey magic to turn my dull life into an exciting and thrilling adventure. Returning my worn copy of Cinderella to nightstand, I close my eyes to dream. Because dreams can come true and it’s never too late for a little magic.

As promised yesterday this was my contribution written for The Prompt  word Cinderella  Prompt #59

Hope you enjoyed my feeble effort. Practice makes perfect, and if you’d like to join in the fun you still have a little time writing linkup closes 3/26/2015 11:59 PM North America – Eastern Standard Time



6 thoughts on “Never Stop Dreaming

  1. I saw the new Cinderella movie & it was great. It was also my favorite fairy tale as a little girl. I look at YA as young at heart more than an age requirement. I love well written YA, while I work on my own.


  2. I completely agree, it’s the magic that I love. It has stayed with me, from the very first fairy tales I read to the books I choose now, which almost always involve magic in some way. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be transported into one of those worlds of magic and heroes! Thank you so much for joining in and sharing with #ThePrompt x


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