Writing and need help? Check out this terrific list

Thanks to   over at Publishing… and Other Forms of Insanity, for providing us with such an extensive list of websites.

There is something here for every writer. There is information on queries, marketing, publishing as well as how to write a good book. So get ready because if you’re like me,  down the rabbit hole, you’ll go, once you begin to click. 

Which of the 27 websites is new to me?

  1. Agent Query.  Although I’m nowhere ready to send out queries, this will definitely go on my “hope to need” list.
  2. Free Writing Events. Yay! Who doesn’t want to submit without the added cost of submission fees? Oh yeah, this one is a definite must-read.
  3. The Grinder. Like Erica, I once used Durotrope until they became a paid service.  I can’t wait to check out this one.
  4. Jae Writer. Now this one sounds like the perfect website to learn more about the craft of writing. Count me as a new follower.
  5. Manuscript Wish List (#MSWL). Whoa! What writer wouldn’t want to get inside the mind of agents and editors?
  6. The Passive Voice. Again, a great blog to learn what agents think. Plus, a bit of legalese from an attorney.
  7. Pub Crawl. Here you can find an insider’s perspective from authors and publishing professionals. Cool!
  8. Savvy Writers. Almost a million followers!  Doris-Maria Heilmann blogs cover everything you ever wanted to know about publishing your book.
  9. Susan Dennard. Her blog is filled with writing and publishing resources for aspiring authors. Everything from story-telling to the finished book.
  10. Women Writers, Women’s Books. All things about women authors. Well, I definitely qualify.
  11. Writing Career. Provides places that actually pay writers. Alright!

Not bad! I’m familiar with 16 of the 27! Now I can’t wait to dive into the other 11  websites. I just love learning new stuff! Gonna be a busy weekend of reading. See you on the other side of that rabbit hole. LOL

Want to know more!

Click and read about all of the great links on Erica’s website. 

27 Great Websites for Writers  by 

Did you discover a new website?
Are any of the 27 a favorite?
Do you use any of these websites? Which ones?

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Writers, are you looking for a good competition?

Well, thanks to Rachel Poli we have a lot to choose from!

Take a look at her great list and start those computers humming. Who knows, you could knock out a winning submission this weekend.

Source: October/November 2017 Writing Contests

WOW! Women On Writing is one of my favorites! So I’m gonna check out their website.

Fireside Fiction is a new one to me, so I’ll definitely have to go give them a look-see.

Thanks Rachel for the heads up!

Do you have a story ready to submit somewhere?

A story or plot stewing in your brain?

Which contest will you submit to?

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If you want to submit, it’s important to know the rules

It’s been a long while since I submitted anything for a literary publication. As I’ve posted in the past, life gets in the way too many times and distracts me from #writing. This year I hope to do better. After setting my goals for the rest of the year, I need to lie down. Whew.

But back to submitting stories or articles. Check out the following post and…

Know the rules , stay organized.

Don’t get locked out when you submitt!

If you want to submit to publications, know the rules.

Connie Jasperson explains how to use Submittable and how to track your submissions. Keep reading and get to submitting that great story.

I’m a member of several author groups who regularly meet in online chat-rooms to talk about the craft. Every member of these groups are published authors, some traditionally, and some Indie. Many are hybrid, with work both traditionally and Indie published. Much of what we discuss involves the problems we face in developing marketing strategies. […]

via #amwriting: submissions: discovering who wants them and how to manage your backlist — Life in the Realm of Fantasy

Have you submitted anything recently? If not why?

Do you think submitting is an important part of being a writer?

Talk to me – I love reading your comments.

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