Do you want a great tip?

Well, I’ve got 3 editing tips for you!

If you’ve read any of my posts you know that I’m a bit weak when it comes to self-editing. Always searching for a new tool, new tip or a better way to edit my writing.

Should I ever find a shortcut for fixing my mixed up tenses, I’ll be over the moon happy.

Writing involves way too much DIY editing. So I rely on several editing programs, but no program is a substitute for a great hands on tip by a successful author.

Love, love, love when I learn something new that helps me!


Thanks to Rachel Carrera, Novelist for requesting editing tips and to  Kristina Stanley for her terrific tips.

I really liked Kristina’s suggestion to keep a spreadsheet to track things like scene beginnings.

Scene beginnings! Never thought of that! Thanks Kristina.

Click here and read On Editing with Kristina Stanley for help with your editing process.

Now gotta go work on my spread sheet. 


Do you have a good self-editing tip?

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