When is the best time to do your taxes?

Never if you ask me.

But, unfortunately,  it’s that time of year!

At least here in the States. April 18th is drawing near and the tax man is waiting. And like dirty laundry a task that cannot be avoided.

If you haven’t filed your taxes maybe you could use a little more information. Thanks to Jane Friedman for sending writers a terrific bunch of tips to make this arduous task a little less painful.

Mine are filed! Whoo hoo!

What did I learn from reading Jane’s post?

  • I don’t have to make a profit to take deductions.
  • Expenses for my books and website are just that “expenses.”
  • I don’t have to have employees to have a business. Just me.
  • Keep good records. (Glad I use Quicken.)
  • Amazon will report your royalties, make sure you include them on your returns.

What Every Self-Published Author Needs to Know About Taxes

After you’ve read Jane’s post and tell me…

Have you done your taxes yet?

Did you include your writing profits/losses?

Did you learn something new from Jane’s post?

Tell me,  I love reading your comments.

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