What are your most embarrassing moments as a writer?

We’ve all had them.

Moments when dread and hope mingle to make for sweaty palm anxiety.

Loretta Livingstone was brave enough to share hers.

Mine, sitting for hours at a library book fair and selling precious few books. The upside, I did sell a few, my books are now part of the library system and I made some great connections.

Jean M. Cogdell at Sachse Book Fair
Sachse Book Fair

Another time I bought a butt-load of books for a major book festival, only to have Mother Nature send down a horrific hail storm and flood the streets. Needless to say, I along with most of the population didn’t make it to the festival.

I think you’ll find Loretta’s post refreshing and encouraging. Click and read her link below.

As a writer…

What was your most embarrassing or disappointing moment?

Did something good come from the experience?

Embarrassing Book Signings? by Loretta Livingstone


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