What are your most embarrassing moments as a writer?

We’ve all had them.

Moments when dread and hope mingle to make for sweaty palm anxiety.

Loretta Livingstone was brave enough to share hers.

Mine, sitting for hours at a library book fair and selling precious few books. The upside, I did sell a few, my books are now part of the library system and I made some great connections.

Jean M. Cogdell at Sachse Book Fair
Sachse Book Fair

Another time I bought a butt-load of books for a major book festival, only to have Mother Nature send down a horrific hail storm and flood the streets. Needless to say, I along with most of the population didn’t make it to the festival.

I think you’ll find Loretta’s post refreshing and encouraging. Click and read her link below.

As a writer…

What was your most embarrassing or disappointing moment?

Did something good come from the experience?

Embarrassing Book Signings? by Loretta Livingstone


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13 thoughts on “What are your most embarrassing moments as a writer?

  1. Sharing a table at an author event with a writer that specialized in erotica. My books are far from erotica. Her visitors were an endless parade of people in all stages of dress (and undress) and she talked to them about how she lived ‘the lifestyle’ that she writes about in her books. It was interesting and embarrassing at the same time.

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  2. I often work ahead and place post in my blog queue so they are ready to go when the time is right. With my Aunt Ruthie in hospice care, I knew I would write a post in her memory. Somehow the trigger was pulled on “In Memoriam” too soon, and the post was published before he death. When readers in Africa and Europe began commenting, I immediately deleted the post. Egg on my face – heart palpitations too, but I lived through it.

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