Do you need a professional photograph for your Gravatar?

I don’t know if a pro is necessary.

BUT, I do know a professional photographer does a much better job than I can with my iPhone.

They don’t have to cost a fortune. Look for a photographer, just starting out, one who is beginning to build up their portfolio. Their prices are usually very reasonable.

Read the post below and tell me what you think.

Personally, I think a good picture is important. I don’t like seeing those generic Gravatars. Not only are they ugly and strange but I enjoy seeing real people. Guess it’s time for me to update mine again. Sigh…

Why you should have a professional author photo #WriterWednesday #AuthorMarketing #AmWriting by D.E. HAGGERTY

Talk to me – I want to know.

How often should we update our gravatar photograph?

Did you DIY your photo or use a pro?

Do you think a professional does a better job?

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Do you have too many emails?

How many new emails did you get today?

Nuvola-like mail internet
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

100, 200, more?

Do you subscribe to more blogs and newsletters than you can read?   Me too.

Let’s not forget the time we spend checking Twitter, and Facebook, which leads to cute videos (I mean educational videos) or photos.

I’ve started applying the one in, one out system. It’s something I used with my kids to keep them from accumulating tons of junk. Sound familiar?

You can try my system.

  • One in – One out.

If I subscribe to a new blog or newsletter I must unsubscribe to one.

If I save an email, I delete an old saved email. (You know the emails with the little colored stars, check marks or whatever by them)

  • What tricks do you use to find quality over quantity?
  • How do you purge your inbox?

I may have to begin a new system soon: One in – Two out.

Sigh, still have too many unread emails.

Share your secrets to a clean inbox in the comments section.  

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