What do you think are the most popular genres?

Is your genre one of the top percenters?

I hadn’t given this much thought, until reading a great article on Medium by Erica Verrillo from the Writing Cooperative. And boy howdy, the stats were eye-opening. Erica gives stats on most popular genres with readers, agents and includes which genres make the most money.

What surprised me most?

Most books sold by genre…

  • #1Children’s Fiction sells more than three times the number of adult books.

    #1 in sales – Children’s fiction
  • #2Adult General Fiction came is second in sales.

Agents most requested genre…

  • First Choice of Agents is NOT Children’s books, although these books are number one in sales.#1 – Request by agents is YA Fiction.

    YA Fiction #1 requested
  • #10Last on the lists for Agent request is Women’s Fiction. I’d expected this to be higher.
  • Agents work on commission of 15%.

The genre that makes the most money…

Romance #1 money-maker
  • #2Crime and Mystery novels
  • #3 – Inspirational and Religious books, (go figure.) This includes self-help books.
  • #4 – Fantasy and Science Fiction
 Click and read Erica’s article to discover all the nitty-gritty details.

What are the most popular literary genres? By Erica Verrillo

Where did your genre fall?
Any surprises?
Will any of these stats change your approach to writing?



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