A surprising read with something for everyone

I haven’t posted a book review in quite a while, so thought it was time.

First I must confess, I don’t read a lot of books by James Patterson having OD on them years ago. However, after watching an interview on Stephen Colbert, my curiosity got the better of me and I downloaded a sample. I almost always download a free sample before handing over my hard-earned cash.

What a nail-biting surprise.

Not the cover, anyone can recognize the book, guess the author to be James Patterson and that you’re getting a political thriller. But everything else was a pleasant surprise.

 Don’t click away just because you may not be a Clinton fan.

Keep reading. The only bits of Bill Clinton I recognized in the book is authenticity for Presidential details and procedures.

I did not find this to be a partisan story but an American story, and a story of survival. So, set aside your skepticism, sit back and enjoy the ride.

The tale woven by Mr. Patterson is filled with suspense as he shows the frailties, limitations, and vulnerabilities of a country. He explores how much we’ve come to rely on technology and how difficult, if not impossible, life would become without it.

What would happen if, in one keyboard stroke, all internet services vanished?

Can you even begin to envision what would happen to your life?

  • ATMs – banks can’t verify your account
  • Retirement – what retirement account
  • Medical – hospital records gone, automated machines such as oxygen, medicine, and robotic surgeries grind to a halt.
  • Airports – no navigation systems, ground or air
  • Water – filtration plants stop, no clean water
  • Electrical – grids across the nation go dark
  • Cell – towers no longer transmit

And the list goes on. Our country would be thrown back to the dark ages. This is the premise of Mr. Patterson’s book. About not only what could happen to our lives but also what steps the government would need to take to keep us safe.

I give The President is Missing 5 Stars!

To read a FREE sample, click the image.

Let me know what you think.

What book have you read recently? 

Have you read this book yet?

Have I peaked your curiosity?

Are you going to check out the FREE sample?



How to make buying easy for your readers

All you need is a simple order and pay button.

click-ORDER 978044_1280




Do you have extra books left over from a book festival? Have some “how-to” worksheets, a writing workshop/seminar, or workbook? The ideas are endless.

The holidays will be here before we know it so put your thinking caps on. Is there something hidden on a long forgotten shelf or lurking in the shadows of your mind that would be perfect to sell on your website.

You can make a special button from a picture, book cover or use buttons like these. Feel free to right click and copy/save the red buttons above if you want.

You no longer have to be a self-hosted blogger to add this feature. Now WordPress dot com made one available for their bloggers.

Okay, okay, I can hear what some of Y’all thinking. Jean didn’t know about this? Well, as usual, I’m a little behind with some of my updates. But, better late than never. Am I right?

Now back to adding that purchase and pay button. As with all new things, there is a trick. You need to use the new Visual Editor, not the old one. Now I’ll admit, I prefer the old editor to write my blog posts. I find it easier to navigate and just plain like the look better. I love the SAVE AS DRAFT because it is large and easy to find. Using the new format, I’m always nervous if the draft is saved or not. Yes, I know there is a saved button. But, sigh, sometimes I have to move with the technology. And this is one of those times.

Here is the WordPress.com link that explains how to make and add a button to your website.


I can’t be the only friend you have who didn’t know about this feature. So be kind and share my post. You never know who might need it to sell their books or widgets.

Well, what do you think?

Is this something you can use?

Are you ready to open up shop?

Have something to sell? What?

Don’t forget, pass it on!

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think about this feature of WordPress.com.

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How to merge your Professional page and Newsfeed

Okay, I’ve confessed before to making tons of mistakes in writing, publishing and social media. But, I keep on moving forward.

Although I sometimes feel as if I’m navigating an Internet minefield blindfolded.

  • Set up too many email accounts.
    • Yahoo, MSN, Gmail and I even found a couple on each site. Sigh…
  • Opened 2 Facebook accounts.
    • Thought I needed a personal one and one for writing platform. Not…
    • Plus a professional page attached to one of them. Ugh…
  • Twitter
    • Set up not one, not two but three tweet managing programs.
      • At last, I settled on Tweetdeck, but I’m sure the other accounts are still floating around in the great big worldwide web.

So why am I telling you all of this?

Because I’ve discovered as with most things less is more. And I’m starting with Facebook. So here goes.

  • First, I’m deleting my “personal” Facebook account.
  • Second, I’ll post on my Writer’s page and let it link to my “News Feed” home page.
    • How? I’ve discovered a little tip. (Now don’t rain on my parade if you discovered this years ago.)

See here is the thing, if you write something on your Home/News Feed it doesn’t necessarily show up on your “Writers or Professional” page.

But here’s the good news. You can change your settings on Facebook so that whatever you write on your “professional” page and then the post will show up on both. That way no matter which one your readers click on they can see your comments.

Why would you want to do this?

Because by posting on your “Page” first instead of on Newsfeed/Home, you can schedule comments!

Yay, another tool to make life a bit calmer and easier.

As you can see, both look different.

Jean’s Writing “Page.”
My “Timeline, Newsfeed, home” Page

Want to give it a try?

Click on the link for step by step instructions.

How to adjust NewsFeed Preferences.

Okay, now you can tell me. Is this old news?

Have you already synced your Facebook page with NewsFeed?

If not, are you ready to give it a try?

Leave a comment or click the “write me” tab or look for me on Twitter @jeancogdell, Facebook at jeanswriting and Amazon.com, stop by and say hey! The lights are on, and I’m waiting.

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How important is it to stay connected?

I heard a very successful writer and blogger say that he attributed his success to staying connected.

Well, isn’t that a lightning flash revelation? Not. 

Staying connected can be fun, informative, but also a time suck. I often use it as an excuse I can ignore the house, the dog and my characters. After all the Queen isn’t showing up for a white glove inspection this week and my characters haven’t been very cooperative as of late, so I might as well play on the world-wide web. Right?


I mean laughing at the latest Meme on Facebook, or reading a cool short story post, is a lot more fun than cleaning toilets or arguing with a stubborn protagonist. 

Sigh… Now don’t go sounding like a mom. I know, I know. Company is coming – Santa is near so I and there are presents to buy and packages to wrap, not to mention a character to kill. So little time and so much to do.

What is that old Nike commercial? Something like for the love of God just do it! No that doesn’t sound quite right. 

But you get the idea. Sorry for the gripe post. Sometimes it helps. LOL

Okay, time for me to get busy and find where my characters are hiding. Olie, olie, oxen free…. 

Ever overwhelmed? How do you deal?

Got any tips for me?

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I was actually pretty productive this week. This is me patting myself on the back.