Do you give credit to the right person?

I checked a few books, ask a few writers and then made my own decision.

I acknowledged the talented lady who drew the illustrations for my first published children’s book. Ashley Bauer.

The following article confirmed I did the right thing. Sort of. I felt acknowledging Ashley was right because I’ve always believed in giving credit where credit was due. Without her, my book would have lacked color and spice. 


Thanks to that added color and spice I received a glowing review from Readers’ Favorite. “… An engaging and entertaining story laced with humor…. The illustrations are adorable and they complement the author’s words nicely, breathing life into the scenes. “ 5 Stars from Readers’ Favorite 

I’ll be the first to admit my book would’ve looked naked without suck adorable illustrations. I guess it’s true one picture is worth a thousand words.

Just as we want readers to love the words we write and the blogs we post, illustrators want recognition for the pictures they produce. 

Writing and publishing Tryouts for Ben has been a major learning curve for me. Next book, I’ll  add the illustrator’s name not only to the inside but also to the front cover.

Thank you,  for bringing to my attention how and why recognizing illustrators is important. Especially the when and how to part. Learning is always helpful.

Head over and read her article: Why It’s Important to Credit Illustrators

Tell me, do you credit your illustrator and if so where? On the cover, inside or both?

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