You won’t get lost with this valuable tool

Writers, find your way with Google maps.

Write a richer story when you step onto the streets of your tale.

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One day, I wrote a character stopped at Starbucks but turns out there are no Starbucks on that street. Duh! I assumed by now, a Starbucks existed on every street in America. I was wrong. Thank you, Google Maps.

If you have an Iphone you might enjoy the Apple Maps app. The 3D effect on a handheld device, although small, is fun to play with. Made me feel as if I was the character walking down my street.

With the maps tool, you can visit any town, drive down any street, and walk up to the door of any gin joint you choose. Will help you avoid my mistake and know for sure if there is a gin joint or Starbucks there. LOL

Thanks to Sheila Good over at Cow Pasture Chronicles for a great post on using Google Maps. Pop over and check it out.

Another Great Tool for Writers by Sheila Good

Have you used the 3D street view on Google Maps?

Do you use a different program?

Do you think visualizing locations helps your story?

Talk to me – I love reading your comments.

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