How to avoid writing like a newbie

Use the right word in the right place!

Know your Homophones!

Ah, English class 101. Ugh. Hated diagrams, homophones, spelling and confusing pitfalls of a word choice. All I wanted to do was read and write stories. You know, fun stuff.

But alas since I didn’t memorize all the hard stuff, refresher courses are required from time to time as the article by  reminds me.

Melissa wrote a piece on the homophone compliment vs. complement. One letter (e) changes the entire meaning of the word.


To make our life a bit easier I’ve found a few links for homophones. Check these out below and bookmark them for the future. Because if you’re like me one day you’re gonna get caught with a homophone in the wrong hanging out in the wrong place.


I thank the Gods for Spell Check because I’m terrible at spelling. But, do remember Spell Check programs will not pick up on homophones because they are spelled correctly. So watch out for these pesky minefields.

As usual, meet me at the water cooler and tell me what’s on your mind.

Do you remember all lessons from your English classes?

If homophones aren’t your biggest problem, what does trip you up?



Click and read.

Homophones: Compliment vs. Complement  by 

List of Homophones

The world’s only complete homophone list





How to avoid embarrassing grammar mistakes?

I wish I knew. 

Thank God for grammar programs and Beta readers. Because I make mistakes every time I write, and lots of them. Maybe all the social media short hand is to blame, or maybe the slang we fall back on. But I do know for me grammar is hard work.

A recent post by Christina DesMarais on the 43 Embarrassing Grammar Mistakes Even Smart People Make is terrific. So I thought I’d it share with you guys because I can’t be the only writer who struggles with grammar. Except for maybe my daughter and my sister. They are two grammar nerds that are always nipping at my writing, the little know-it-all.

What I like most is Christina picks words and phrases that even seasoned writers often get wrong. I’ve seen a few of these in books by well-known writers. Uh, no I’m not going to name names.

Even though we may use some of these words and phrases in everyday conversations, it most certainly does not make them correct. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Number 1, can’t wait to share with a clerk. LOL
  • Okay, guilty of using Number 3 in conversation.
  • Number 7, it’s been misused a lot lately.
  • I love Number 20, take that, adverb haters.
  • Well, do tell. Number 22. How about from bad to worse?
  • When I read Number 24, I chuckled.
  • What Southerner hasn’t used Number 25 wrong? LOL
  • Number 36, kids love this word and use it a lot.
  • Number 38 was new to me, love learning something new.

Read Christina’s article and tell me which ones jumped out at you.

 43 Embarrassing Grammar Mistakes Even Smart People Make

Any favorites?

Do you think social media has hurt grammar?

Any additional reminders to help us?

Do you have any grammar pet-peeves? Do share!

Laugh as you learn grammar tips from this video.

Talk to me, I love reading your comments.

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