Which is the best social media for a blogger?

Which social media do you use to promote your blog?

There are so many personalized reader/news websites, how do we choose? I can’t keep up with all of them. New ones, old ones, coming and going every day. It’s exhausting.

Flipboard, StumbleUpon/Mix, Medium, Feedly, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus,  Linkedin, Reddit, Tumbler, Pocket, Pinterest or…

  • StumbleUpon. I loved this one until they changed. Every time I added my blog post to their website, I found other great writers.  Now that they’ve migrated over to Mix, I’m not so sure. Changes aren’t always for the better. At 40 million users, I can’t help but wonder how many will make the transition.
  • Flipboard.  Another one I like. But, I don’t use it as often as I probably should. I find the format a bit intimidating and that easy to use. With over 100 million users, maybe I need to stick with it.
  • Medium, ditto to Flipboard. Unless you have a paid subscription, reading the articles is limited.
  • Google Plus, I’m not sure how much traffic it generates. But with over 2.2 billion users, I hope to get a few.
  • Pinterest. I’ve just recently started linking more often and I’m pleased with the traffic. So, I’m going to try to continue with this one, after all, they boast over 2oo million users. I’ll see how it goes.
  • Facebook, meh. Lots of controversies, but lots of traffic go through this site. My results have been mixed with it. However, with over  2.2 billion users I’m not quitting.
  • Twitter. Now I’ve had good success with Twitter. Plus I enjoy reading and discovering new bloggers/writers.
  • Linkedin, I am signed up for this site, but not real active with it.
  • Tumbler It’s been so long since I looked at this one. I’m not sure how active this site is. With over 400 million users, maybe I need to look again.
  • Feedly, I’ve never used it. Looks good, but to share your blog through IFTTT requires the paid service. Still with over 14 million users, might be worth it.
  • Reddit, confusing. I’ve tried to use Reddit in the past but had little success. And of course, as with so many websites, they’ve changed theirs too. But with over 1.5 billion users…

This is just a drop in the bucket. There are even more feeds to connect our blogs. However, there are only so many hours in a day. I do want to grow my blog but can’t be everywhere all the time.

Now it’s your turn, help a girl out…

Which website do you link to your blog posts?

Which one gets the most referral from?

Do you have a favorite?

Want to read more about ways to generate traffic to your blog? 

Go to the bottom and keep reading.




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27 thoughts on “Which is the best social media for a blogger?

  1. For me, it’s Twitter, Flipboard and SU. Twiter brings me in more traffic than any other social media platform. As you know, SU has now been taken over by Mix, but I’ve yet to see any pleasing results from it. Still, it’s early days and I need to give it a chance. Last year, I had great results from Flipboard, but it seems to have taken a bit of a nosedive this year. I stick to just the three, as spreading ourselves too thinly does not work (as I have found out).

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  2. Woof! I’m just on Google+ and LinkedIn (which doesn’t really want you promoting your blog there). I’ve told friends I’ll get on Facebook this year (said it would be summer–which doesn’t leave much time). What I REALLY need to do is write fiction–and market it, not market my blog. But I understand the connection between the two!

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  3. I get most of my viewers from FB, next most from FB.

    But I personally use feedly to READ blogs. Even if you haven’t paid to be ‘on’ their site, it’s quite easy to add wordpress blogs to your ‘follow’ list. I’m assuming the pay thing means you show up in searches and/or get advertised?

    Most of my writing blogs I read on my WordPress feed [by clicking the subscribe button], but I’ve got other blogs I followed long before I had a blog and I subscribe to my own site there so I can see how it shows up in an RSS feed.

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  4. My take is similar to yours, Jean.
    StumbleUpon was my favourite and got a LOT of blog readers from there – MIX seems to be a watered down version of Flipboard – neither of them seem to attract many readers to blogs.
    Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ were good until the various Groups decided they’d rather chat than read articles.
    Reddit was always a waste of time and not at all user friendly.
    Pinterest is proving to be worthwhile using.
    Wordpress Reader is also well worthwhile.

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  5. I’m trying to not stretch myself too thin as it goes, but I have a twitter and I’m pleased to see a handful of clickbacks to my blog every month. I get the sense that if I worked harder at it I could make quite a return.


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  6. I have Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest and they are enough to keep me busy. I’ve been thinking about joining Twitter for a while, but adding one more thing to check has stopped me from doing it. I hadn’t heard of some of the platforms you’ve listed here, so thanks for the info :-).

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  7. I get the most traffic from Pinterest, FB a little and Flipboard after a few years is starting to pick up…The others I dip in and out probably twitter more as I like it for the interaction but don’t get as much back as I do from Pinterest 🙂

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      1. I only follow those who have the same interests as me generally. Also, I only spend 1 hour a day split between early am and 5pm….but it is paying dividends and gradually I am understanding what is working for me it has taken me a few months but worth it 🙂

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