Are you embarrassed to share?

Say it loud and proud. 

4 magic words, not to be confused with 3 wishes.

I’m writing a book.

But as Fiona Quinn explains, there are 4 words that can magically open windows to information. I’m writing a book. 

There are lots of places to get information. You know me, I’m a Google-it nut. But on occasion, you may need the help of a professional. And the best way to get them to open up and share their expertise is these 4 magical words—I’m writing a book

From now own, I’m not going to be shy about using them. I don’t know about you but I always hesitated when someone asks how I spend my time. But time to put my big girl britches on, square my shoulders and speak out. Never know where these 4 magical words might lead me. Thanks, Fiona!

I’m writing a book.

Guest Post: Four Magic Words by Fiona Quinn

Facts are as important as grammar, and punctuation. So as you go through your editing process, be sure and check the facts. Large and small are important.

Do you have trouble sharing that you’re writing a book?

Have you used experts for advice? How’d that go?

Are you shy about your writing? Why?



14 thoughts on “Are you embarrassed to share?

  1. I am writing my memoir and mention that fact often on my blog. Right now I’m trying to get from the developmental editing stage into polishing. I have been laboring over my book since 2015 and have a strong wish to get into “delivery.” By the way, sometimes, I share excerpts from my manuscript on my blog.

    Great topic, Jean. I like too that your posts are not long and laborious, attractive to busy writers like me. Thank you!

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  2. I was a bit shy to tell people I wrote a book before especially since I write fantasy and it looks really nerdy. Not to mention, Malaysians don’t read a lot, so to most people here, I’m wasting my time.

    But as I kept on doing it, I’m braver to admit it to my family and close friends. Little steps is all it takes to be proud of what you can do.

    Thanks for sharing this!

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