Love or hate, what do you think about conventions?

 Writer’s Conventions that is.

The older I get the more of an introvert I’ve become. Fun is not the word I think of when networking and schmoozing with hundreds of strangers. Exhausting, that’s the word.

Too tired to move Jean M Cogdell- Bitmoji

Rain storm cartoon - PixabayI did sign up for a convention once. However, severe weather prevented me from attending. Hmm, wonder if my mood conjured up those storms. Possible.



I’ve read a lot of pros and cons about conventions, but the pros have yet to convince me. A recent post from From Janice Hardy over at Fiction University answers a lot of questions. Maybe after reading the post by John G. Hartness, you’ll be ready to take the convention plunge.

If you decide to go, things you need to know…

  • Never thought about Comic-Con for a novelist. Good to know. Writer's Convention -Pixabay
  • Writers can share table/space. Makes bathroom breaks easier.
  • Using Kindle Fire and an electronic app for email sign-up sheet. Gotta check out the app. Wonder if it works on iPad?
  • Swag that works best is reusable stuff.
  • Stand up displays showcase your book best. And where to buy. Check out bookstores for ideas.
  • Make friends, conventions can be lonely.
  • Best networking is done at the bar. Now that might work for me after a couple of martinis.
  • Avoid bad-mouthing other authors or books, even if the writing is terrible.
  • It’s okay to hang out with stars, but don’t gush.
  • Conventions are hard, so don’t take yourself so seriously you forget to have fun.

That’s just the highlights. Go to the link below and read the entire article. It’s so worth your time.

The Long Con: Ten Things You Need to Know About Going to Conventions as a Writer  By John G. Hartness, @johnhartness 

Okay, now that you’ve read John’s post…

What did you learn about writer’s conventions?

Have you ever participated in one? Good/bad/blah?

Do you plan to participate in the future?

Have any tips to add? Let me know what you think -Jean M Cogdell - Bitmoji




6 thoughts on “Love or hate, what do you think about conventions?

  1. I love the learning that comes with conventions (and the free books that come with writing/book conventions!), but the networking is difficult for me. I’m often drained by the end of the day and just wall myself up in my hotel room. 🙂

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