Do you know how to prepare a grand opening?

How to write a grand opening?

Come one come all, to the BIG GRAND OPENING!

Snagging your reader in the very first chapter is important. We’ve all heard about hooking the reader, but it’s more than a hook. A writer needs to entice the reader to do several things.

  • Pick up the book.
  • Read the covers.
  • Buy the book.
  • Read the first chapter, the second chapter and keep reading to the end.
  • Tell their friends!

How can we accomplish this?

By wowing the reader from page one! 

Think about the sample clerks at a grocery store.

They set up a nice station with decorations and signs to grab your attention. Lovely samples are arranged for tasting. However, if you want to gag at the smell or the first nibble, no way in hell are you going to invest in a purchase. But if it’s good, they’ll buy the package and share with friends.



Or, how about a new restaurant opening.

Big banners announce the opening. Fliers go out in your neighborhood. Pictures of beautiful dishes appear in social media. You’re excited to try the new place. Now if you get there and the restaurant doesn’t live up to the hype, you won’t be back. But if the staff is friendly and welcoming, if the food tastes as good as the pictures, and the price is as advertised, not only will you return but you’ll tell all your friends. 

Now, I don’t know about you but that is how I want readers to react to my stories.

Good presentation, a beautiful cover and tantalizing summary will only get us so far. We want our readers to not only invest in our books but to enjoy the journey. And recommend our books to friends!

Recently, I read a great article by Tina Ann Forkner on the Writers in the Storm Blog.

Ms. Forkner explains how a writer can prepare a grand opening in a story.   The past few weeks I’ve been working and reworking the first two chapters. So finding her post couldn’t have come at a better time for me.  Why? Because I want to grab the reader and tempt them to keep reading.

What I learned…

  • A sense of place involves the vibe, feeling, senses of the setting.
    • Can the reader see themselves there with your characters?
  • Make sure your characters are engaging.
    • Will the reader want to know meet them?
  • Life doesn’t happen in a vacuum.
    • Action, even the small ones will make the scene more enticing.
  • Organize the opening.
    • No one will want to eat samples all jumbled up in a big mess.
    • Give enough information, in the right order to light a pathway for the reader.
  • The all-important hook.
    • Leave a sign, a question, or desire to turn the pages. Like a billboard advertising next week specials that lure patrons back for another dinner.
    • Give your readers something to look forward to in the next chapter.

You really need to click the link below and read the entire post. 

Have you ever thought about a Grand Opening for your work in process?
Did you realize writers need more than a Hook?
Got any tips to help me write that Grand Opening?

Do share, inquiring minds want to know. Namely me. LOL

How to Make A Grand Opening By Tina Ann Forkner





4 thoughts on “Do you know how to prepare a grand opening?

  1. I just found your blog and followed.
    I am a writer too and just shared the first chapter of my new novel on my blog. I hope it has a “grand opening”. Of course, I would love if you checked it out.

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