Writers, look at the apps I found

Wow! I’ve found another list of apps to help us.

Last week I wrote a post with a lot of helpful apps for writers. Then today I read a terrific article with ten more. Of the ten, I’m familiar with just two!

That’s right eight new apps! 


I don’t know about you, but I get excited when I learn about new tools that make my life easier. Whether it’s a light-weight vacuum, a new grill, a beautiful pen, or a new app for writers. Anything that helps my writing, keeps me organized, and on track, is alright with me. 

The two I’ve used before…

The apps from this list I’ve added to my writing aides file are…

  • Piktochart. This looks terrific for PowerPoint presentations, newsletters and graphs.
  • BibMe. I don’t do a lot of bibliographies, but you never know when I might.

Click on the link below and read Derek’s complete list!

Now tell me, which ones are new to you?

Did any of his app list look interesting?

Leave me a comment and share your picks. 

Ten Must-Have Online Writing Tools For Writers By Derek Haines 

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