Are you searching for that “right” word?

Is your writing bland or boring? 

When the thesaurus search doesn’t find what you want. Where can you look?

Time to spice things up, and no not talking about sex. But tossing out the ho-hum “go to” words we use over and over.

Click on the link below for some fun infographics that may help you get rid of a few overused words.

28 Boring Words Alternatives – Improve Your Writing by Jack Milgram

My favorite of the 28 is 

Instead of Seem, use words infographic
  Image courtesy of   Jack Milgram

Which one is your favorite?

Do you think infographics are helpful?

Can’t wait to hear your answers. Leave them in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Are you searching for that “right” word?

  1. Finding words to replace the word, feel, is always a struggle for me. The other ones I can usually find something worthwhile at []. Some infographics are helpful and I keep them at Pinterest. Others are totally worthless for me.

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