Are you still learning how to write what you mean?

Talking and writing are so different. Saying what you mean and writing what you want to say is not always easy.

So what about an online writing course?

Seems as if there are as many online courses as there are blogs. So how do you pick a good one? They all sound wonderful.

When testimonials and sales pitches hit my inbox, I ooh and ah over them like I’m paging through Neiman’s Christmas catalog.

Here are a few that make me drool:

WOW, Women on Writing, Writers Digest, Udemy, Youtube, and of course there’s Ted Talks. Don’t you just love Ted Talks? Then there are the Universities, online or local.

And I didn’t even try to list all the bloggers who offer classes. I don’t know about you but, I can’t just throw away hundreds of dollars every year. If I bite the bullet and purchase one of the many classes available it sure as hell better be worth the money. Not sure my husband would understand. And pointing out they are tax-deductible only works so many times.

Thanks to Y’all, I do learn something new about writing every day. And, I want to continue to learn and hone my craft. Now retaining all this information is another challenge. But, we’ll talk memory issues another time.

My big fear is that after buying an online course, discover it has little substance and is part of a larger sales pitch. Or the content is too elementary. I mean, Grammarly can pick out spelling errors. Sheesh.

So, back to my questions.

How do you know which one is best? Not just best in content but also best for you?

How do you feel about online courses? 

Have you taken any online courses you loved? Or hated?

Is there one you’d recommend?

What do you look for in a good writing course?

Talk to me, I love your comments.

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5 thoughts on “Are you still learning how to write what you mean?

  1. So far, I have found the classes and courses offered online to either not be what I thought they would be or are way too expensive for me. Most of what I have been learning during the last 7+ years has been from authors willing to share on their blogs. Chances are what I need at this point is a coach, which is way out the realm of my current pocketbook.

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  2. Hi Jean. The biggest hurdle I find in any of the learning aspects of writing is remembering the important bits. I have completed an online course on how to write children’s story books and the training was fun, very informative, very engaging but I feel like I need all the course notes open and out at all times when writing to ensure I have ticked all the right boxes when it comes to writing. I probably just need to re-train my memory to absorb information correctly and put it into practice.

    This was the one I completed (and got an amazing 97% score). Definitely recommend to any budding children’s writer.

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