How is your day as a writer?

Do you ever have a day like this?

You know the kind. One step forward and two steps back. Come on fess up.

I’ll admit some days this is more or less how I write. LOL

Good morning! Fueling up!



Just one quick look.





Research location. Where oh where to put this story? Oh, I’d love to visit Paris. I’ll check flights. Won’t take a minute.
Time to rock-n-roll! I got this.


Need to chat with my critique partner. Just one question. My we have a lot to catch up on.






Let’s see what everyone is doing. Just one quick look.







Time to make the magic happen!
WTF did I write that for? Editing, editing, and more editing.
Maybe I need a little adaptation research.







She didn’t post that picture! On no.



Happy hour! It’s five o’clock somewhere. Tomorrow is another day. Cheers!

Hope you this brought a little fun to your week.

But do tell me. Am I wrong?

Do you write without distraction, nose to the computer?

Talk to me – I love reading your comments.

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26 thoughts on “How is your day as a writer?

  1. There are days when I get in two good sessions of writing. Each one will last up to two and a half hours. Other days there is only one session and I can squeeze out one and a half to two hours of writing, although not all of it is good. Then there are those days like the one you describe where nothing worthwhile gets done. Life gets in the way sometimes.

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  2. My distractions happen before I start writing to the point I don’t get started that day. Once I get started, I don’t get distracted, at least not if I’m really into what I’m writing. I’m a person who can really focus to the point of not even hearing what is going on around me. One-tract minds ARE good for something. 😀 We make poor multi-taskers though. Sometimes if I have to stop to eat or something like that, it’s like starting over the getting started point.

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  3. Great post, Jean. Fun!
    I would love to live the writer’s life. Writing ideas get me up, although, of course, there is a need for coffee! When I’m writing, it’s a bubble. Nothing distracts me, often for hours. The thing I like about writing is that I can take what I call “natural” breaks — when something is either finished off, or I need to pause and think to consider the next step.

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  4. What a fun post. Good job- nice to start my day with a smile. I read somewhere that it is good to get your brain in a pattern or a schedule and that’s what I’ve done and it works for me. I do my writing work every morning, social media first, then blogs, book reviews, and my own book projects. I stop by noon. I do this about every day. If I have time later on I do more. My brain is ready to work and then ready to relax.

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  5. I sometimes do have days that are, except in certain particulars, just about exactly like this. Fortunately, other days are more productive, like for putting this post together. Funny stuff!

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  6. I write every day but I’m a Type A personality and my output doesn’t match my goals.

    Then there are unexpected glitches. MailerLite, my subscription service, has caused me problems. I was on a chat for over an hour trying this morning to solve the problem. We’ll see what happens at 8:00 this morning when the draft in the queue should magically appear. I imagine other writers, technically challenged as I am, face similar foes. Oh, vey!

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  7. i am the world’s worst procrastinator… i find my creativity comes in splurges. it’s all or nothing, often for weeks on end. i love staying in touch with the themes i am following and like D E Haggerty says above, i like to leave comments about WHY a piece of writing has moved me, or is memorable to me. It’s only fair to let the writer know why i liked a particular piece and not just ingratiatingly ‘like’ a post – that’s really sucky and fawning. So… that’s why i am here. commenting. any tips for inducing a creative splurge would be most welcome. thank you for sharing this delightful piece. i am glad i am not the only one that feels like this…. x

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  8. I’ve had too much coffee this morning and finished three blogs before moving on to torturing bloggers with what I think are witty comments. I expect to be sent to blogger jail any moment. I wonder if they have WiFi…

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