Do you need help with your latest writing project?

Search no further!

I’ve found a site that might have just what you’re looking for. 

Check out the following website that contains 18 tips, and PDF documents on topics related to writing fiction.

Write a Novel, a resource created by Crawford Kilian starts off with hard truths for writers but don’t be discouraged, there is something for every writer. He even touches on understanding contracts.

My favorites:

  • #4. Storyboarding.
    • Storyboarding is something I struggle with. Putting my scenes onto small cards is a big challenge.
  • #5. Style Checklist
    • Question asked, “Are you telegraphing your punches.” Now, this really got me to thinking. And anything that challenges me is great.
  • #7. Ten points plots
    • The plot begins long before the story starts. The story begins at the latest possible moment before the climax. Gonna have to work on my beginning, again.
  • #9. Scene construction.
    • When a scene ends the reader should know more about the characters and the characters problems should have increased.

There is a lot to digest here from Mr. Kilian, but I hope you find something interesting.

Tell me

Do you still read posts and books on improving your writing skills?

Do other ideas encourage your writing?

Which writers/teachers do you enjoy reading?

Where do you find the best tips? 

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How to Write a Novel: 7 Tips Everyone Can Use By:  

Top Novel Writing Tips

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13 thoughts on “Do you need help with your latest writing project?

  1. I always read posts and books on improving my writing.
    Other ideas definitely encourage my writing.
    I always read Chuck Sambino, Jane Friedman, and KM Weiland. I read others, too.
    I have had some great writing instructors: Bonnie Hearn Hill, Mark Spencer, Tom Hyman, Les Edgerton, Terri Valentine, and a few others.
    Best tips: Michael Dellert, Dan Alatore, A Writer’s Path, Write Through It (Susanna Sturgis), Chuck Sambino, KM Weiland, Jane Friedman, Kate Colby, Allison Maruska, LibroEditing, The Proofreader’s Parlour (Louise Harnby), your blog, and other sites I happen across in a search.

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  2. With the choice of getting an additional degree such as an MFA (out of the question) or taking some writing classes, the simple answer is reading blog posts and tips. Anne Allen is great, the Book Designer is good, Writer’s Digest and many more are very helpful.

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