How to overcome the blank screen syndrome

Nothing is scarier to a writer than a blank screen.

Not even  a clown.                                      clown-1210879_640

Prompts can help. Using quick 100 word drabbles can help but where to find them and how to get started can also be daunting.

The only thing more fickle than love is creativitytweet-this1

Are you stumped for your next blog? 

Need an idea for a short story?

Or are you ready to begin a new novel but don’t know where to start?

You may want to have fun with these video clips suggested by

Just click on the link below and have fun. You never know where it will lead.

10 Writing Prompts To Get You Started On Your Next Manuscript 

Tell me, how do you overcome the blank screen?

How do you jump-start a story from scratch?

If not prompts or what?

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