Do you want something to give you pure enjoyment?

Then try reading a complex, witty and Flat-Out lovely book.

Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park is tagged YA but I flat-out loved this book. Her writing style is funny, quirky and pure enjoyment.

Imagine what might happen if your daughter left for college in Boston and due to one mistake after another finds herself homeless. No dorm room, no apartment.

But like all Mom’s, you’d ride to the rescue as did Julie’s mother. Lucky an old college friend agrees to put Julie up until an apartment becomes available. Well, best-laid plans went out the window as Julie settles in and falls in love. Oddities pile up and wounds open but Ms. Park reminds us that all it takes to set things back to normal (whatever that entails) is Flat-Out-Love.

If you are a member of KindleUnlimited it is available to read for free.

I give this lovely book 5 Stars

Flat-Out Love (Flat-Out Love Series Book 1) by [Park, Jessica]Click image to read a sample

Tell me what good book have you read lately?

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