Do’s and Don’ts of Asking for Reviews

I loved, loved, loved the information posted over at comfyreading this morning!

I’ve written a lot about writing book reviews. How to write a good review, who to ask and what should be included in a review. But, I failed you, my friends, when I left out this very important information.

Thank you, Kerrie, for giving us 7 important Do’s and Don’ts. 

I especially loved her very first two Do’s:

  • Do know what the reviewer enjoys reading.

Think about it folks, if the person you are asking to review your book reads historical romance and you ask them to review your latest medical thriller, you lower the odds of a favorable review. Just logical. So do a little homework. Research their website before you ask. Spend a little time getting to know them.

  • Second, Do send a synopsis of the book.

It helps if they know what your book is about. Also, if your book is already published, send an e-sample through Amazon. By sharing a free book preview or embedding it on a website, anyone can read a sample of this book with just one click – no need for them to sign in or install an app.screenshot_Thu_Jul_28_09.22.18

I’d like to add one more to her list.

# 8: Don’t be offended if they decline.

On her list was don’t get upset if the reviewer doesn’t like your book. I add, don’t get upset if they decline to review the book. As Kerrie mentioned it might not be their genre. Or there may be other issues such as time. Everyone is busier than ever these days. Deadlines, kids, jobs, and their own stories to write. So be gracious if the person you ask says no. They don’t owe you an explanation.

I hope you will click on the link below and head over to comfyreading and read the entire post. It’s great!

Hello my lovely bookworms! I spend a lot of time talking about what to do in order to GET books to review, but today I wanted to switch gears a little and address authors that want to get their BOO…

Source: Do’s and Don’ts of Asking for Reviews

Can you add another “Do or Don’t” to the list?

What is one of your pet peeves for getting or giving reviews?

I’d love to hear from you! Click the “write me” tab or contact me on Twitter @jeancogdell, Facebook at jean.cogdell and, stop by and say hey! The lights are on and I’m waiting.

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4 thoughts on “Do’s and Don’ts of Asking for Reviews

  1. Good point! Being declined doesn’t mean we hate you, but sometimes we just don’t want to read your book. There are going to be thousands of other people that may want to though. So don’t give up hope. I’ve actually never come across someone who got upset that I declined their book, I’m sure some authors do get offended.

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