Do you know how to compile a mobi document without a TOC?

First, let me say if you have a better way – PLEASE – let me know.

A few posts back, I talked about my disappointment with KKBC (Kindle Kids Book Creator.)

The end results were lovely but limited. Very limited.

For instance, once a book is up on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) you can click on the book and download a .mobi file to use.

But for a book made with KKBC, this doesn’t work. Yes, the file downloads but not everyone can open it on their devices.

That means sending this mobi file, from KDP, to reviewers may leave you embarrassed. Why? Because the reviewer may not be able to open it. Now, I confess I have no idea how to predict who can open it and who can.

So what to do?

While not perfect for picture books, Scrivener provided a mobi file I could live with.

I’m sure most of you know that Scrivener will compile your document into an ebook file. So I won’t bore you with how to compile an ebook. But if you want to compile a picture book or a short manuscript “without” a table of contents these tips might help.

Most children picture books don’t need a TOC.

I spent hours listening to videos and reading blogs before I finally figured out how to avoid the automatic contents page in Scrivener.

The only way, I found, to avoid having a TOC show up in the compiled mobi file was to delete the names listed on the scenes or chapters leaving that space blank.

toc 3           TOC 2

So there you have it. I used this process for making and downloading a mobi version of my picture book that I can send to reviewers.

Is it as nice or pretty as the KKBC book? No, but it does give me a file I can email out for review.

I hope some of you amazing computer gurus and Scrivener pros step up and give us your expertise.

What do you think?

Any other suggestions?

Was this post clear as mud? 

Keep reading for great reading on Scrivener TOC!

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4 thoughts on “Do you know how to compile a mobi document without a TOC?

  1. Must be something in settings as I use Scrivener and never get a TOC. I was trying to figure how to make one for the longest time. You may find Gwen Hernandez able to direct you. She teaches Scrivener classes and loves answering questions. Google her and see what you come up with. She wrote the book “Scrivener for Dummies” which I use for reference…even though I am on her door step from time to time.

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