Do you need a new landing page?

As you’ve noticed by now, I’ve redesigned my website.

Why? Because the more I read about landing pages, the more I became convinced I needed one. I mean everyone likes to feel a firm foundation under their feet. Right?

A landing page is not just a place to showcase your books, but it gives your website a home. It also gives people an opportunity to reach out to you. A landing page makes your website recognizable, instantly.

When someone lands on your website, they will know instantly where they are and why.

You can put anything you want on a landing page. A small bio, a picture of your dog, links to your books or other publications, an email form….


So what do you think? Do you need a landing page?

Below are links that explain a lot about pages and how to decide if a landing page is right for your website.

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14 thoughts on “Do you need a new landing page?

  1. I think a landing page is vital and I’m upgrading my website as well. Actually I was in the process before the A to Z challenge began but it wasn’t quite complete so I didn’t want to change during the middle. I’ve been meaning to stop by and visit, but my husband went into the hospital on May 1st for surgery for his diverticulitis. I’ve alway heard about diverticulitis but I never realized how serious or fatal it could be. He stayed in the ICU for three weeks. Here we are in June and he’s still in the hospital, but at least he’s out of the ICU. So, I didn’t get to keep up with my favorite blogs like I hoped to. It’s been a rough five weeks. Hopefully, if he continues to improve he will come home soon and I will return to blogging. For now, it’s hard enough just taking care of the kids, the house, finances, and trying to be with him as often as I can. His surgery required many lifestyle changes and adjustments just to keep him alive and it’s made him angry, depressed and bitter. I don’t know how long it will take for him to adjust to the new way of living, but I’m praying he will realize how very fortunate he is to be alive.
    I hope I will be back blogging next month. I’ve really missed your blog posts. I had a little free time and I wanted to visit some of my favorite blogs from the challenge and you were at the top of my list. I’m glad you mentioned the landing page because I’ve been thinking about additions for my website and I hadn’t really considered how truly important a landing page it, but it is vital. Thank you.
    Take care.
    Melissa Sugar @
    Melissa Sugar Writes

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    1. I’m so glad your husband is doing better. Going through a medical, life altering event can be difficult for the entire family. Welcome back, I look forward to your new blog.


  2. Yes, a good landing page IS important. When I started my second blog site just for excerpts from WIP or at least snippets of potential stories, scenes or characters I went for a minimalit, simple look.

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  3. Hi Jean, I need a new landing page too, but only so I can offer a free book to subscribers. Other than that I think mines okay, I just feel bad that I have nothing to offer the people that subscribe to my blog accept my posts of course. I want to be able to give them something nice just for subscribing. I can’t though until I switch my website out to the platform, sigh, the waiting game. I have been doing my fair share of research on landing pages and the experts say you should offer your new subscribers something. What do you think?

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    1. Michelle, my blog is a blog. Some of the themes allow for a “different” looking stagnant page. So you don’t have to wait. I’m not sure about the freebies. I’ve read that too. Maybe as my writing grows and I publish more books I’ll have something to offer. LOL
      Tomorrow’s blog post will be about changing themes. Hope you stop by.

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