Do you know why some books sell and others don’t?

Me too!

But there doesn’t seem to be a magic formula. Too bad, I was looking for one.

magic book

We all know being famous helps, even if you can’t write.

But what else sells a book?

A dynamite cover will peak a reader’s curiosity.

In this day when everyone can publish a book from the comfort of their home computer, a book must stand out above the rest.

Make sure you book is not overpriced. Everyone loves a bargain.

A book doesn’t sell itself. Market it!

I’m terrible at marketing. Tooting my own horn is not something that comes easily. But if you want your book to be noticed, you need to learn to blow.

Start with great packaging and attention grabbing title. Give the reader information or a story that compels them to keep reading. And then share with anyone who will listen.

Below is a really good article with 21 things that make for a top-selling book.

Check out:

Why Do Some Books Sell When Others Don’t?

Do you have any tips to share about how to help a book rise above the competition?

Talk to me, the lights on and comments are now open.

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