Do you know how to write like no one cares?

Like no one will read what you write? 

Continuing on with the A-Z Challenge:

W= Write

I know, I know that is easier said than done. But if you can pretend for just a little while and write whatever the hell you want I think the results might surprise you.

Writing the draft sets the writer free. Later during the editing and rewrite process comes the time to cut and care. 

This past year I finished a second children’s book and learned:

  • Pull up those big girl panties and write whatever the hell you want, because no one cares as much as you do.
  • Writing is hard if it were easy everyone would write a Best Selling Novel.
  • So might as well write whatever you want and forget about Best Seller Lists. Odds are not gonna happen.
  • Don’t worry about word count, not in the beginning. 
  • Write whatever you want because no one will read and reread  it as much as you.
  • Write whatever you want, but hire an editor.
  • Editors are a writer’s friend. Never publish without one.
  • Ditto on Beta Readers.
  • Don’t torture yourself about your writing. Your family’s got that covered.
  • Write for the love of writing, not for that first royalty check. Of course, dinner at Mickey D’s is a nice way to spend it.

Well the A to Z Challenge is over, sorry I didn’t make it to the finish. XYZ will have to make it another day. Congratulations to those who bravely persevered. 

It was wonderful to meet new people and once again learn new writing tips!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and talking.

The lights on and comments are now open.

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Great information ahead!

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