Do you want to rise to the top?

Don’t we all!

Today’s letter in the A-Z Challenge N.

N = Niche

With all the thousands, no, millions of writers, bloggers, vloggers and other social media gurus submitting something every day how do we rise above the noise? How do we stand out and rise above all the others?

my collage

We’ve got to know which niche/genre we’re writing for. Whether writing a short story, magazine article, self-help, children’s book, or an advertisement knowing the niche is important. That doesn’t mean you are locked in that niche/genre forever. Many successful authors switch genres when they switch projects. 

So, what have I learned about understanding my niche?

  1. Identifying my niche isn’t enough.
  2. To attract a reader it’s important to confirm their perception of the world.
  3. The reader must feel that I “get” them. That I understand them.
  4. My writing should reflect or challenge what my audience believes, thinks or wants.
  5. Always remember, their perception is their reality. 
  6. Read everything I can find about my niche! 

Do you enjoy writing in a particular niche?

Where do you find information about your niche?

Do you have any tips that help your writing rise above others in a genre/niche?

Talk to me, the lights on and comments are now open.

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16 thoughts on “Do you want to rise to the top?

  1. This is a challenge for me. I never want to miss a party, which means I write in a few different flavors. Makes for difficulty in all this nicheness, but I know you are right. I just can’t make myself follow the rules.

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