Are you up for a challenge this year?

To Pay-it-Forward!


The next post that pops up in your inbox, after you read it, share it in some way, with someone. That’s how you pay-it-forward.

Instead of going immediately to the next blogger, pause and take the next step.

Do you realize how valuable that next step is to the writer?

If you are a blogger and writer then you understand where I’m headed.

It’s a simple click! A second of your time.

We are all busy. Very busy. With kids, family, pets, bills, and life in general tugging at our shirt tails. On top of that is a muse whispering in our ear, nagging at us to come and play. And still we make the time to support each other.

Writers, and bloggers, are marvelous people.

So the next time you read a post and are tempted to hurry on to the next one, I challenge you to take a minute and Pay-it-Forward. Share someones website.

What goes around comes around.

Good Karma will find its way back to you when another writer Tweets your website to the world.

  • Step 1: Read (time depends on your reading speed)
  • Step 2: Click Buttons – Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Google Plus, PINIT, Linked In, Stumbleupon, Email, or whatever (takes seconds each)

Need some share buttons for your website? It’s easy!


Go to WP Admin, Settings, Sharing: select which buttons you want and where. Easy, peasey.


Or check out this web site at Share This!

Look for me on Twitter @jeancogdell, Facebook at jean.cogdell and! And don’t forget, pay it forward with a click and share this post with your Twitter peeps and Facebook fans.


27 thoughts on “Are you up for a challenge this year?

  1. It’s great advice. I’ve been doing this ever since I started blogging.I tweet immediately and set up tweets to share on hashtag days. It takes only a few seconds. I would add the advice to others to, instead of thanking the blogger for the tweet, visit their blog and tweet a post of theirs or, at the very least go to their twitter page and retweet a tweet of their work. It takes little effort and is really paying the compliment forward in a way that a thank you doesn’t. A thank is nice, but a dead-end to a blogger.

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  2. I alway do that. When I like a blog, I always share it on all my social media. I don’t have a very large platform, but I like sharing what I enjoy. Isn’t that what social medias are for?
    At the very least, I leave a like. It really takes no time at all and it is good karma 🙂

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