Do you love to travel?

I do!

Tell me, what is your favorite place to visit?

When I read Julia’s prompt week #179 I knew instantly what I wanted to write about, my favorite city, Paris!

The city of lights!

If you enjoy my little piece of flash, let me know.


She snapped the box shut. That was the last of the decorations. This time next year, she’d drink French champagne, not eggnog. No cleaning up stray pine needles or broken fragments of glass ornaments in the carpet next Christmas.

Shouts and cheers erupted from the den. Lost in her thoughts, and in the drone of her vacuum, the football game faded into the background.

Paris. Better late than never. So what it took her fifty years. Just the thought of strolling the Seine arm-in-arm with Mark melted away twenty years. She expected to lose ten more when she saw the Eiffel tower.

eiffel tower TLC



Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise, I’ll be in Paris and London this Spring! Yay!

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